• Facials


These are highly effective treatments that leave the skin glowing with a fresh ‘plumper’ appearance than before. They are available for all ages, though it is fair so say that a course of treatments is advised for a longer lasting effect, rather than just one treatment.

After a facial, you will still look like you, there is no ‘down time’ associated with treatments, and no chemical or toxins applied. You will look refreshed and relaxed. Acupuncture facials were developed as it was noticed that after traditional acupuncture, a side effect was often that patients looked better.

Please be aware that acupuncture treatments will not 'lift' the face - despite what you may read in many newspapers and magazine beauty articles - only surgery can do that.

Prior to treatment you face will be cleansed and afterwards a moisturizer is applied. The products I use are completely natural. That said, if you know your skin is highly sensitive to products, you are welcome to bring your own cleanser and moisturizer.

Please note that needles will be placed in other parts of the body, not just the face, as acupuncture treats the whole person.

Ladies – prior to treatment any facial make up (not eye or lip) will be removed and cannot be re-applied until 24 hours after treatment, though you may re-apply eye and lip make up with care during this time.