Recommended reading

If you like the idea of looking after yourself in a more holistic manner, I can recommend the books listed below.

  1. Helping Ourselves, Daverick Leggett, ISBN 0952464004

A great nutritional guide from the Chinese perspective.  Clearly written and easy to follow advice.  There is also a recipe book available - Recipes for Self Healing - by the same author.

  1. 77 ways to improve your wellbeing, Angela Hicks, ISBN 9781905862252
  2. Packed full of advice to improve your health and wellbeing based on ancient Chinese wisdom – you will be surprised perhaps at the relevance of the advice in today’s world.
  4. Healing your Emotions, Angela Hicks, ISBN 9780007791712
  5. On the back cover is the statement ‘This is a book which will help you to transform anger, conquer fear, release sadness and break the worry habit – and restore health and well-being.’  If you find your emotions difficult to deal with, face up to, or control then this book is highly recommended.